Sweden is the country in the world known to protect children in traffic. The reasons for this are many, the rear-facing car seat, the Swedish Plus Test and the “Zero vision “, but perhaps most importantly is the combination of years of education where parents, politicians, researchers, and suppliers have worked hand in hand to save thousands of lives on the roads.

Let us start with the Swedish “Zero Vision” initiative, which is a big part of the high level of road safety that Sweden currently offers. The “Zero Vision” is a long-term goal that NO ONE should die or become seriously injured because of traffic accidents in Sweden. With this as a goal, the Swedish transport system has been designed on the basis of these premises. Road safety is therefore included in all processes affecting the road transport system. But there are several Swedish ways to achieve high road safety – the rear-facing car seat.

The rear-facing car seat was invented in Sweden and it all started in 1964 in Axkid’s hometown, Gothenburg with Bertil Aldman professor at Chalmers University. He was inspired by space travels and how astronauts travelled backwards to deal with the forces that arise. He developed the first prototype of the rear-facing car seat with the aim to ensure that children are not exposed to life-threatening neck forces in a frontal collision.

Today, almost 60 years later in the same place, Gothenburg – Sweden, Axkid’s developers and designers are constantly working to further refine the rear-facing car seat. With roots and DNA in Swedish engineering, safety is Axkid’s top priority together with innovative solutions to extend the rear-facing travel. In combination with thousands of crash tests, we can be sure that the Swedish safety heritage is safe and that Axkid continues to deliver the safest car seats on the market.

But developing and designing a safe car seat takes time. A car seat consists of an incredible number of components where every small part is reviewed and needs to be of the highest quality. Therefore, it is very safe for us at Axkid to collaborate with the Swedish safety company Holmbergs Safety System. Holmbergs’ goal is to save lives and minimize injuries in traffic and has provided the global car seat market with the safest fastening systems for over 50 years. With the highest quality, innovation, and long experience, we can trust that Holmbergs, as a premium supplier, with security always delivers maximum safety. Choosing a Swedish supplier of car seat harness also strengthens Axkid’s Swedish heritage and focus on road safety and quality. Axkid wants to continue to set new standards for road safety in cars and be the obvious choice for safety-conscious parents.

So, for you and your child’s safety – Choose Swedish safety <3

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