Axkid Product Registration

Register your AXKID car seat today to ensure to not only get the best service provided, but also safety tips and unique deals, but most important of them all – a direct contact with us at Axkid, the manufacturer of the car seat in case of important information needs to be shared with you quickly.

All Axkid car seats can be registered whether it has been bought from Axkid’s webpage or from a retailer.

NOTE: if you register your product before the 31st of January, you’ll apart from the above also get an exclusive discount code giving you 25%(!!) discount on all our accessories.

High class service

With the information given by your car seat ID we have all the important information we need to advise you in all cases such as support, claims, warranty or tips and tricks.

Unique deals & information

By register your product we get the chance to give you unique deals and information regarding your specific car seat.


In case we need to reach out to you very quickly a direct contact with you is essential for the information to reach you as quickly as possible.

Any questions? Read some of the most frequently asked questions here »

Register your product – it goes even faster than installing our car seats – LESS than 60seconds!

Register your Axkid car seat here:

Questions and answers

I have purchased my product from one of your retailers can I still register my product?

Yes of course! It does not matter where you have purchased your car seat. For us it is essential to be able to reach out to you whether you bought your car seat from us or from a retailer. 😊

Can I register an old car seat?

No problem at all, all Axkid car seats can be registered, and we also encourage you to do so whether you bought your car seat yesterday or one, two or even three years ago.

What do I need to do to register my product?

It is very easy the only thing you need is your personal information – which we hope you already have. 😉 And then the Car Seat ID which can be found on a sticker on your car seat. If you do not know where to find it, we kindly ask you to have a look at this guide.

We also recommend you add a picture of your receipt of your car seat for even easier assistance. This, however, is not mandatory to be able to register your product.