Car Seat Guide

What car seat should I buy? Which car seat is the safest? Which car seat is the best? The questions are many and we do know that even if it is your first time buying a car seat, your second time or even your fifth time the car seat world can sometimes be a jungle. In addition to the regulations and crash tests to keep informed on, you might also have your personal preferences. Car seats save lives. With the Axkid car seat guide, we aim to help you make a safe and secure choice for your child.

Rear-facing car seats have been proven to be up to five times safer for children compared to forward-facing. Frontal crash tests show that the forces acting on the neck are up to five times greater when the child is sitting forward-facing compared to rear-facing. A rear-facing car seat’s biggest advantage is that it supports the child’s entire back, neck and head, distributing the crash forces over a larger area and therefore significantly reduces the forces imposed on the neck. Therefore, a rear-facing car seat gives your child better protection and reduces the risk of injury in the event of a collision.

Read more about rear-facing safety and how to protect your child in the best possible way in the Axkid car seat guide below.

We hope you’ll enjoy the car seat guide and learn a lot.