Car seat installation

When buying a car seat, there are some practical matters that are good to keep in mind. Such things include installation options and if the car seat fits in your car. All these essential questions are answered in this article of the Axkid Car Seat Guide.

Different Car seat installation options

When buying a car seat, one practical matter you should know is the two different installation options: ISOFIX and seat belt attachment.

  • ISOFIX is a connection system for car seats that is internationally standardised and is in general an easier way of installing car seats.
  • Seat belt attachment means the installation is using the car’s own three-point seat belt for installation.

From a safety point of view, it makes no difference if your child’s car seat is installed with ISOFIX or by seat belt attachment. However, an ISOFIX installation is generally simpler and reduces the risk of human installation errors.

Over 50% of all car seats are to some extent installed incorrectly, so make sure to choose a car seat that makes installation easy and smooth. For this reason, we are extra proud of Axkid ONE, which is correctly installed in under 30 seconds. Seat belt attachment can be easy installed as well, Axkid Minikid offers unique features for easier installation. The self-tightening tether-straps and the automatic headrest that adjusts automatically to the child’s length ensure a simple and correct installation.

Axkid provides car seats both with ISOFIX and seat belt attachment. Below you can see the installation type for Axkid car seats.

Car seatCar seat typeISOFIXSeat Belt AttachmentISOFIX with base
Axkid Modukid InfantInfant car seat
Axkid BabyfixInfant car seat
Axkid ONE+Infant car seat, rear-facing car seat
Axkid ONERear-facing car seat
Axkid Minikid 2Rear-facing car seat
Axkid Modukid SeatRear-facing car seat
Axkid MoveRear-facing car seat
Axkid RekidRear-facing car seat
Axkid Bigkid 2 PremiumHigh back booster seat
Axkid Bigkid 2High back booster seat


How do I know if the car seat fits in my car?

If you are unsure whether the car seat fits in your car, please check our Vehicle List to get the best possible guidance through your purchase. It is also good to remember that different spots in the car may be compatible for different types of car seats. The same car can, for example, be compatible with both ISOFIX and seat belt attached car seats in different spots in the car. This means if you have several children, you can advantageously utilise seat belt attached car seats and ISOFIX car seats.

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