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How tight should the harness be against the child’s body?

It should be so tight that you can get maximum 2 fingers between the child’s body and the harness. We recommend that you remove any type of thick clothing since it is important that the harness is as close to the child’s body as possible. To keep the child warm during the car ride you can place a blanket or something similar on top of the harness without interfering with the safety of the child.
For more instructions on how to prepare and fasten your child in the car seat, please follow this link

It is important that the headrest and belt is correctly adjusted in same height as the shoulder. If the belt is too low the belt will press the child´s back down in a accident. If the belt is to high the child could come loose or in case of an accident the belt could run over the neck instead of over the chest bone.

Se below picture for correct height.

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