Bike trailer & Accessories

Elevate your daily routine or embark on exciting adventures with our first child bike trailer the Axkid Grand Tour and its versatile range of accessories. Whether you are using it as a bike trailer, for daily strolls, jogging, or simply exploring the outside – experience high safety, comfort, and convenience. Investing in a bike trailer isn´t just a purchase, it is an investment in the moments that truly matter where you create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Are child bike trailers safe?

Our child bike trailer is made with a metal base frame, lightweight and durable fabrics and has adjustable features for overall protection of your child. The bike trailer is also equipped with reflectors, which enhances visibility in low light or at nighttime and two 3-point internal harnesses that are adjustable to accommodate your child´s size. Our child bike trailer offers everything you and your child needs for a comfortable and safe bike ride.

For the safest possible bike ride we cannot emphasize enough the importance of using helmets. Even if helmets are not always a legal requirement, they will protect you and your child from severe head injuries in a collision or a crash.

Can you attach a bike trailer to your e-bike?

Connecting the Grand Tour bike trailer to an e-bike or a regular manual bike depends on the bike itself. Bicycles come in varied sizes and designs, which could affect the compatibility of the bike trailer and the rear axle or bike frame of your bicycle. It is always a good idea to check your bike to determine what kind of attachment would be compatible with your bike beforehand.

As of today, there are no legal restrictions attaching a child bike trailer to an e-bike but there are a few conditions to consider. An e-bike could have a longer break distance due to being more powerful and faster than a manual bike. There could also be a weight limit to the amount of weight you can tow with an e-bike, check your e-bike's weight capacity before using the trailer.

At what age can a child use the Grand Tour child bike trailer?

For a child to use the bike trailer, the little one must sit comfortably without support for optimized safety. The internal harness is adjustable to suit your child´s height or age and the seat back can be reclined for a more relaxed ride or during rest time while remaining safe and secure.

The bike trailer has a weight capacity of 45 kg or for two 22 kg children on each seat inside the trailer. When loading the bike trailer, make sure to evenly balance the weight (if possible) to make the bike ride as smooth and carefree as possible.

What accessories should I use?

Axkid Grand Tour is an all-round bike trailer that will suit all your needs and different lifestyles based on your requirements.

  • Bicycle trailer. By using an adapter or coupling that is attached to the rear axle of the wheel, the all-round bike trailer can be used as a bike trailer for 1-2 children.
  • Stroller/Push char. With the included swiveling wheels, the all-round bike trailer functions as a pram where the seat can be tilted back for a more comfortable walk or for the children to rest.
  • Jogging stroller. To use the all-round bike trailer as a jogging stroller, the larger front wheel (jogging wheel) is required, which is attached to the front of the trailer. This wheel is required when jogging for a more stable performance during the run.
  • Cycle trailer/cargo trailer. The backrest in the all-round bike trailer can be folded forward to open up the surface for storing or transporting goods or cargo that may be needed during everyday life.