3 steps how to fasten your child in a rear-facing car seat

Are you sure your child sits in the right position? The correct position is crucial for your child’s safety. Knowing how to buckling your child as she or he grows can be difficult. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to correctly position your child in a rear-facing car seat (category 2and protect your child from serious injuries. 

Before you fasten your child in the car it’s important to ensure you’ve made a firm and rigid installation. If you’re not sure how to install your car seat you can click on the link below that demonstrates how to easily install your Axkid car seat. If you have any questions regarding the installment of the car seat, you can always refer to your instruction manual or contact us 

Watch the clip how to install your Axkid Minikid =>


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1. Finding the correct seat angle 

Finding the optimal seat angle can be tricky but it’s important for both safety and comfort reasons. For maximum safety we recommend you to keep the car seat as upright as possible, depending on your child’s age, length and backseat angle without your child’s head slumping forward when sleepingIf you need more recline you can use our Angle Adjusting Wedge to ensure your child sits comfortably and secure in their car seat. 

Read more about the Angle Adjusting Wedge  

2. Tighten the harness strap

The five-point safety harness should always be placed at or slightly below your child’s shoulders. Make sure the harness strap fits snugly and lies in a relatively straight line without sagging (and never twisted!). If you are able to get maximum two fingers between your child’s body and the harness, you’re doing it right:)  

You can also do the so-called “Pinch-Test” to ensure the harness is tight enough. You pinch the strap at the child’s shoulders and if you grasp any material it’s too loose. Adjust the harness until your fingers slide right off the webbingAlso remember, to remove any type of thick clothing, since the harness must be as close to your child’s body as possible. Instead, place a blanket over the harness to keep your child warm 

3. Keep the headrest in a correct position 

Last but not least, the headrest. To provide the best protection for your child, we suggest your child’s ears should be below the upper edge of the headrest. If the side flaps of the headrest are positioned too high, they will not offer protection from side-impact crashes. For our Axkid MinikidAxkid Modukid and Axkid Rekid we recommend always using the unique headrest feature that automatically adjusts to your child’s length and size. Don’t worry, it adjusts itself every time you use itIf you’re using the Axkid Move or other products, a good tip is to check regularly that the headrest is positioned correctly. Take a look at the instructions manual if needed. 

How did it go? By following these simple steps, you ensure your child sits both comfortable and secure in their seatTake a look at the instruction manual from time to time and contact us if you have questions😊   

Click on the link below to get a quick walkthrough how to fasten your child in the car ⬇ 


Greetings, The Axkid Family