Guide: Accessories to your car seat

Do you find car seat accessories confusing or just want to know more about them? Then this guide will help you! We have made an accessory guide that will explain which accessories fit perfectly to our bestselling rear-facing car seats Axkid ONE and Axkid Minikid. Moreover, we review which accessories that generally are suitable with rear-facing car seats and forward-facing car seats, respectively.

Before reading the guide, we want to point out the importance of purchasing car seat accessories from acknowledged car seat companies only. Car seat accessories are not included in the car seat regulations, which is why unsafe accessories can be found on the market. By purchasing car seat accessories from acknowledged car seat companies, you can be sure the accessories are not of danger for your child’s safety.

Axkid ONE accessories – Axkid Connect & Seat Protection Premium

Axkid ONE is our award-winning car seat and the safest car seat we ever built. The possibility to use the car seat all the way up to 125cm/23kg makes the rear-facing period longer and keeps your child safer. To give your child the highest possible safety, the Axkid Connect safety pad is the perfect choice of accessory. With highly sensitive sensors, the safety pad helps you as a parent to be close to your child throughout the journey and detect circumstances that are not safe for your child. Just as Axkid ONE, Axkid Connect can be used for a long period of time and easily be switched between car seats and users.

With Axkid ONE you only need to buy one car seat that works through the whole rear-facing period, which is why our durable Seat Protection Premium is a perfect accessory for Axkid ONE. In addition to protecting the car’s upholstery, it has pockets for organising and an iPad holder.

Axkid Minikid accessories – Angle adjusting Wedge & Tether Strap

Axkid Minikid is our rear-facing bestseller, fitting for up to 6 years of age. The car seat has five different recline positions and together with the Angle adjusting wedge, the slope of the car seat becomes even more flexible and comfortable for your child.

The unique self-tightening Tether straps featured on the Minikid 2 makes the installation smooth as the seat can be “wiggled” into place. Thanks to the straps, everyday handling is easy and secure since the seat is always secured in place and does not become loose over time. Axkid Tether straps are included when buying the Axkid Minikid. They can also be bought aside if you lose them or if additional set is required for a second car.

Rear-facing traveling in generalSeat Protection & Baby Mirror

When traveling rear-faced, the car’s upholstery often gets dirty from shoes and abrasion. That’s why a seat protector is a useful accessory for rear-facing car seats. Axkid Seat protection fits to car seats both with and without ISOFIX, and has two storage compartments that you can place various items in.

Another useful accessory that is suitable with rear-facing car seats in general, is our Baby mirror that enables you to see your child sitting in their rear-facing car seat whilst traveling. The baby mirror also helps your child to keep their head up which can for many children avoid car sickness.

Forward-facing traveling in generalBackseat Organizer & iPad Holder

Traveling with children can mean packing a lot of essentials with you. That’s why Axkid Backseat organizer is an appreciated accessory for forward-facing car seats. The Backseat organizer is mounted on the back of the front seat with to straps and fits in all cars. It has an iPad holder and stores and organizes car essentials with different sized pockets.

In addition to the Backseat organizer, our iPad-holder is an accessory well fitted for forward-facing traveling. It keeps your child maintained during the whole journey and is easily mounted on the back of the headrest on the driver or passenger seat.

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