Axkid Award – Distributor of the year 2020

It all began when Maria Chioacă’s daughter was around 6 months old, and Maria started to research which car seat to choose next. After a lot of research, she found out that the range of rear-facing car seats was very limited and that the safe and rear-facing options were almost impossible to find. She found it very upsetting that there was almost no information about rear-facing car seat safety in her native language and decided to make a change!

Today, almost 7 years later Maria Chioacă and her company Baby Car Seats SRL from Romania is awarded the Axkid Distributor of the year 2020!

Maria lives with her family, of soon to be four, in Iași one of the biggest cities in Romania and describes her home as an apartment filled with joy and happiness. Both she and her husband are passionate in their business and the important mission to spread the rear-facing safety message.

But, back to where it all started. After being convinced by all the research about rear-facing car seats Maria decided to buy the Axkid Minikid. However, rear-facing car seats were still not widely seen or know in Romania and especially not Axkid. So, when Maria contacted us at Axkid we decided to start this journey together.

“We were not aware about the efforts needed and we just took it step by step. Our main objective was to educate the Romanian parents about rear facing, the selling was the second”.

Maria Chioacă 2021

During this time, around 6 years ago, the concept of rear-facing was almost unknown in Romania which was a huge challenge for Maria and her team. The resources were limited, and the focus was on online shops. But step by step she managed to find other passionate parents who were also entrepreneurs with businesses in this field or children’s product distribution. Maria highlights that the Axkid story in Romania was possible thanks to her amazing team. Vali, as the parent’s consultant, always had the best advice to give. Carmen, the super organized fairy, who makes sure all internal procedures are being followed. And last but not least Roxana, Vlad and Daniela that are in charge of the online communication and sharing the rear facing joy on social media.

As well as the amazing team Maria also speaks of their strategy as a key to success in the Romanian market. Unfortunately the data and statistics of road safety and loss of life in car accidents in Romania is very bad. It was and is very important for us to be able to offer the best information and products for parents. As this information has been shared more and more, people have now really started to look for safer options to travel in cars with their children.

When we ask Maria about any advice for other distributors or how to succeed in a market with generally low safety awareness Maria answers.

“I think that in this business is very important to have the focus on how to offer the best information to parents. First, they need to invest time to understand all aspects of using rear facing car seats and we observed that this is much easier when you are a parent. Also, it’s important to build a strong community.”

Maria Chioacă 2021

Thank you, Maria, for spreading the word about rear-facing car seat safety and for being an exceptional partner. We are very proud of what you and your team have achieved on the Romanian market and hope to work with you for many more years.

Congratulations for being our distributor of the year 2020! Well deserved!

At the same time we also want to take the opportunity to thank all our talented distributors who have gone through a challenging 2020 showing results above expectations. We are very proud of all of you and the huge impact you are making for child car seat safety all over the world!

Baby car seats SRL have for many years shown a strong dedication to make a difference, and last year the hard work really started to pay off. During 2020, a year with so many challenges, they still managed to increase their turnover by almost 20%. Even more remarkable is their growth by 105% over the last three years – very impressive!

They are the proof that no market is too difficult to make a difference. In a country with dangerous roads and almost no awareness about rear-facing safety, they have managed to educate and convince thousands of people to change their mindset and understand the importance of extended rear-facing car seat safety.

Baby car seats SRL is a company built with fighters who really want to make a difference, and this is the reason why we wanted to award them the distributor of the year 2020 – Congratulations!