Axkid Minikid saved Ida’s children in the crash

It was a normal day and Ida and her family had been out on a shopping trip. The Swedish winter showed itself from its best side with cold, darkness and icy roads when the family was on the way back home.  Given the road conditions, Ida and her husband were extra careful that the children were properly buckled up in their car seat and drove extra carefully – but despite this, the accident still occurred.

There are just 200 meters left to get home when the unthinkable happens. Ida was supposed to turn off the national road that goes through the small village, she indicates and brakes down to make a turn – then it BANGS! A car from behind drives straight into Ida and the family’s car. Ida tells us about how the car started howling, blinking, smelling and everyone was in total shock.

“It was the biggest and worst bang I’ve ever heard – everyone was screaming in panic as the car moved above 70 (!!) meters.”

Ida turned directly to the children, who were sitting in each Axkid Minikid, to see how they were doing. Apart from the shock, no physical harm could be detected on any of the children. No other injuries were later discovered on any of the children either. Ida and her husband suffered both neck and back pain.

The rear-facing car seat saved the life of the children

The experience has of course been traumatic for the whole family, but if there is one thing they take with them, it is how the rear-facing car seats saved the children’s lives. Unlike Ida’s husband, who sat in the back seat, his head and neck were thrown right into the seat in front, the children were protected by the rear-facing car seat. This has led Ida to reflect further on rear-facing car seats and their value.

“I’ve seen so many people turn their children forward-facing way too early. What if this had happened to any of them? The forces we experienced in the crash cannot be described, a child forward could have broken his neck.”

Your child’s safety is the most valuable

Ida and her family never thought an accident like this could happen to them – never. But suddenly the unimaginable happens and she couldn’t be more grateful that her children were sitting in their rear-facing car seats at the time of the accident.

“It doesn’t matter how good a driver you are; anything can happen. A rear-facing car seat can save lives and I hope this story will make more parents value their child’s safety and life and not turn their children around too soon.”

Many thanks Ida for sharing your story and spreading the important message.