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To install your car seat correctly is essential for your child’s safety. Therefore, we at Axkid always strive to make the installation as clear, simple, and secure as possible.

There are two different types of car seats and two different methods of installing a rear-facing car seat: with ISOFIX or Seat-belt attachment. There is no difference in the safety of these two different types of car seats. However, ISOFIX car-seats are in general easier to install and therefore reduces the risk of human factor to make an error on the installation and thus affect the safety.

ISOFIX car seat

Axkid ONE is installed by ISOFIX connectors and is the simplest rear-facing car seat to install. It can be installed in less than 30sec, not only by expert, by everyone. This is mainly due to it’s cohesive on-seat-installation-guide, based on step-by-step signs and 6 different safety indicators, distinctive either by colour or by our sounding system to ensure a correct, easy, and smooth installation. You basically cannot do it wrong!

Seatbelt attachment

For many people seat belt attachment is associated with complicated and difficult installations. But it does not have to be in that way. A unique feature that makes the installation with seat belt easier than ever is the self-tightening tether straps featured on the Axkid Minikid 2. It ensures the installation is smooth as the seat can be simply “wiggled” into place ensuring a secure installation every time. Thanks to these self-tightening straps, installing with a seat belt has never been easier.

Easy installation for your child’s safety

We can talk for hours about how important it is for your child’s safety that the car seat is installed correctly. And we also know how hard it can be sometimes to understand the manual while dealing with a crying child or a stressful errand.

Therefore, choose a car seat that is easy and secure to install AND look for features that will help you succeed!

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