Guide – How to clean your car seat

We all love our kids – but they can be really messy, and the car seat often has to suffer from the consequences. In fact, scientists at the University of Birmingham, discovered that child car seats have twice as many dangerous germs as an average toilet. Therefore, to get rid of all the unwanted spillage and dirt, here is a step-by-step guide for cleaning and maintaining a clean seat:) 


1. Check the car seat instructions  

Before you start your cleaning routine, don’t forget to check the car seat manual. The following cleaning instructions apply all the Axkid car seats. If you use other car seat manufacturers, remember to check the washing label first:) 

2. Wipe off what you can

Gather all your cleaning supplies as you are about to start cleaning your child car seat. We recommend you use baby wipes, soft towels, a sponge for wet spot cleaning as well as a bucket with hot water. Make sure to use a gentle soap without any harsh chemicals or fragrances that could be dangerous for sensitive babies. When everything is set you start by wiping off all the solid debris and other nasty mess that needs to be picked away before continuing on the cover and harness:)  

3. Remove the upholstery 

Next step is to remove the seat cover. To get full instructions of how to remove the cover you can click on the link below that easily demonstrates how to remove your Axkid Minikid cover:) Be careful when you remove the padding around the adjustment strap lock. It can easily be damaged if it clicks out, so be aware to push it down when you pull away the fabric:) Also, a good tip is to bring an Allen key when you are going to remove the chest padsMake sure to put the pieces that come out of the seat in a safe spot while washing the seat cover:)  

Watch the clip how to remove the cover =>  


4. Clean the cover and harness

When the whole fabric cover is removed you toss it in the machine wash (all our covers are washable at 30° on the Gentle Cycle programme) and let the cover fabric air dry (do not tumble dry!). Apart from the fabric cover, it is important to clean the harness and the buckle. The harness can be cleaned but not in a washing machine. It can harm the tensile strength of the textile webbing and therefore make it unsafe. What you could do is to wash it by hand with a soft towel and unscented soap. Same procedure for the buckle, but make sure the buckle is completely dried, so it doesn’t start rusting (we would not like that…) Other plastic components can easily be cleaned by hand. Important to note that any products containing solvent can have a negative impact on the plastic material and thereof the safety of the seat. Be attentive when you choose your cleaning products:) 


5. Reassemble the seat

When everything is cleaned, dried and aired out it is time to reassemble the seat. Click on the link below how to put the cover back on after washing. Make sure all the snaps, loops etc. are attached on the cover as well as the loose pieces you took out when the seat cover was in the wash. If you are going to reinstall the seat you can also click on the link that demonstrates how to easily install your Axkid child car seat. If you have any questions regarding the reinstalment of the car seat, you can always refer to your manual or contact us:) 

Watch the clip how to put the cover back on after washing =>  


Watch the clip how to install your Axkid Minikid => 


Watch the clip how to install your Axkid Modukid => 


6. Minimize the mess by using the Axkid kit 

It’s nearly impossible to keep your child’s car seat clean, however with a little help from the Axkid seat protection you can avoid any big messes. The Summer cover Bamboo fabric is also perfect for protecting the car seat as well as keeping the heat away from the seat. The seat protection together with the Backseat organizer, will be a perfect combo for keeping it both cleaned and organized. The Backseat organizer can come in handy when you bring some extra cleaning tools on your road trip. Perfect for storing some additional cleaning towels, water and travel-size baby wash if your kids are feeling carsick. 

Axkid seat protection 

Summer cover Bamboo fabric 

Backseat organizer 

Read the full article of how to avoid car sickness => 


How did it go? By following these simple steps your child car seat will look as good as new:)) We recommend that you periodically clean your child car seat and thereby avoid any big mess and smell. 

If you have any tips on your own, please share them with us:)) 

Greetings The Axkid Family