How innovative car seat features bring safety to your child

Dynamic headrest technology, sliding seat technology, long range safety program, easy installation system, Sleep Well System and many more systems and technologies to help – and especially make it easier for you, and your child to stay safe in the rear-facing car seat.

All features, technologies and systems can sometimes be confusing. In this article we want to help you by summarising and explaining some of our favourite features that in different ways bring extra safety for your child.

We hope you’ll like it 😊

Dynamic headrest technology: The dynamic headrest technology ensures the headrest is always in a safe and correct position for your child. Axkid Minikid is the only car seat on the market that features a headrest and internal harness that automatically adjust according to a child’s length and size. This makes it simple to ensure your child has both a safe and comfortable position when seated in an Axkid Minikid.

Easy Installation System: More than 50% of all car seats are to some extent installed in the incorrect way which can affect the crash safety for your child. At Axkid we always strive to make the installation as simple and foolproof as possible to avoid miss-use. For this reason, the easy installation system relates to the popular cohesive on-seat installation guide, based on 6 step-by-step signs to ease and support to a correct, clear and safe installation.

(Advanced) Sleep Well System: A key component for your child to remain rear-faced for even longer is that they are comfortable in their car seat. The angle of the car seats effects how your child sits and allows you as a parent the opportunity to find the optimal and most comfortable position for your child. The Advanced Sleep Well System means you can change the recline even after the installation, while the Sleep Well System offers you the possibility to find the ideal recline before installing the car seat.

Sliding seat technology: The Axkid ONE’s sliding seat technology is a unique and patented function only on the Axkid ONE seats. The sliding seat technology means the seat is mounted on rails and can be adjusted back and forth with just one hand and providing your child with the best legroom on the market. This gives your child a great opportunity to grow within the car seat and to remain rear-faced for even longer.

Axkid Side Impact Protection: Many crashes are collisions from the side or obliquely from the front. Therefore, it is important that your child is also protected from the side. The Axkid Side Impact Protection, ASIP, has been developed together with a recognized crash institute in Germany, providing protection for the child in the event of a side-impact collision.

Long range safety program: Rear-facing is up to 5 times safer, which is why we are proud to offer real extended rear-facing all the way up to approx. 6-7 years of age. The long-range safety program takes fundamental aspects such as quality, handling, crash-safety and ergonomics are all formed to not only allow to, but also make it comfortable to travel rear-facing up to 6-7 years of age.

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