World-leading safety systems from Sweden

Did you know that a rear-facing car seat consists of hundreds of components? Each one plays a major role in protecting your child. One of the key components in our rear-facing car seats is the safety belt system – the harness and the buckle keeping your child safely in place in the car seat.

In this article we go into detail how the safety belt systems are being tested to ensure the highest possible quality, durability, and safety.

World-leading safety systems from Sweden

Today, all our Axkid rear-facing car seats are equipped with a premium harness and safety system from Swedish technology provider Holmbergs. A long-time partnership, based on our mutual dedication to quality – a key fundamental of both our businesses. After all, lives depend on it.

But how can safety, durability and high quality be ensured?

Safety innovation since 1938

One of the keyways to achieve consistent quality is experience. Holmbergs has driven safety innovation since they were founded in 1938 and have introduced more child safety products than any other company. A dedication to safety that has resulted in several patents and awards, but most importantly – a solid technical knowhow.

But you can’t live on old merits – right? That’s why Holmbergs, together with car seat manufacturers like Axkid, continuously explore and develop new innovations. A constant investment in the next generation of safety solutions.

Testing, testing and testing again

Before any products reach the public, safety belt systems must pass rigorous testing and quality control measures. Our premium supplier Holmbergs goes above and beyond the requirements of the various certifications we earn when testing their safety systems for children.

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  •  First, suppliers to Holmbergs conduct their own testing of the different components.
  • Then, Holmbergs re-test those parts in their in house testing laboratories to ensure they meet legal requirements and their high-quality standards.
  • Next, the safety components are assembled and tested as ‘standalone parts’ – not only according to the ECE R129 regulation but also through an extended testing for each batch.
  • Finally, Holmbergs produce a last validation of the complete safety belt systems with full documentation and traceability to ensure the quality.

In addition to above, all components are also validated annually by a third-party testing organisation.

The mission is to produce the safest products available, and rigorous testing and quality control is a critical part of reaching that goal.

Thank you Holmbergs for being a part of building the safest car seats in the world.

Together we save lives, every day.