Swedish stars choose Swedish safety and Axkid

Frida Hansdotter, Elin Rubensson, Bella Gulldén and Petter Menning. We guess you recognize several of the names as they have represented Sweden in international championships such as the European Championships, World Championships, and the Olympics for several years. But what does an Olympic gold medallist in alpine skiing, a national team football player, a European Championship Medallist in Handball and a World Cup and European Canoe Champion really have in common?

Well, they are all passionate about children’s safety in traffic and together with us at Axkid they want to get more people to choose rear-facing car seats for the safety of all children. Swedish stars for Swedish safety!

Frida Hansdotter is one of our most popular athletes, with her determination and constantly positive attitude, she has won the hearts of the Swedish people through the alpine sport. Today, life looks a little bit different for Frida and her heart beats for more than just alpine skiing when she became a mother just a few months ago.

“Becoming a mother was the most amazing thing in life and of course I want my sweetheart to travel safe and secure when we travel by car, which is why I am extra happy to collaborate with Swedish Axkid whose goal is for children to be able to travel rear-faced for as long as possible.”

Frida Hansdotter 2021

Another Swedish star who really knows how important it is to sit comfortably is the canoeist Petter Menning. With several World Championships and European Championship medals, thousands of training hours are in the luggage of the still active canoeist Petter.

“For me, the safety and comfort of children is the most important thing and therefore it feels safe that they ride in car seats from Axkid. When my daughter Lovisa turned four, it started to get tight for her to sit rear-faced in her old car seat and we thought we would have to turn her forward-facing. But then I heard about Axkid ONE and both Lovisa and I were pleasantly surprised how well she now fit, how comfortable and simple the car seat was to handle – and extra plus for the stylish design! Now we can go on an adventure in a safe and secure way with the whole family again!”

Petter Menning 2021

Our popular national team players Elin Rubensson in football and Bella Gulldén in handball also strongly advocate rear-facing and are passionate about children’s safety. Bella Gulldén, one of our greatest handball players of all time, currently lives in France where she plays for the star club Brest Brittany. In France, knowledge about children’s safety and rear-facing car seats is not nearly as widespread as in Sweden, as Bella herself points out.

“Here in France, they turn their children into forward-facing car seats way to early, so it is very nice to be able to spread the safety that comes with the child going rear-faced. So that more children can be safe in the car”

Bella Gulldén 2021

Elin Rubensson, on the other hand, lives in Gothenburg and could be described as our local star. After becoming a mother just a few months ago, she is now back as a key player in BK Häcken.

“We have chosen Axkid because we prioritize safety for us and our child very high, then it also feels very good that it is a Swedish product – of course extra fun for us that the company comes from Gothenburg as well!”

Elin Rubensson 2021

We are incredibly proud of our ambassadors and the work they do for children’s safety.

So, do like our Swedish stars and choose Swedish safety <3