The comfort of Axkid ONE


When developing Axkid ONE, our focus was on the highest safety and best comfort for all children traveling in it. Axkid ONE has many unique design aspects offering the best comfort, and we will go through some of the most important of these aspects.

To start with, Axkid ONE has been developed to be safe and comfortable for children between 0-7 years of age. All materials used are carefully selected to ensure maximum safety and comfort for all children. For example, the car seat itself  is made of shock-absorbing, low weight material, that is also water and chemical  . Furthermore, it is softer than the plastic material commonly used which makes Axkid ONE softer for the children to sit in and you, as an parent, can feel the difference. Another crucial choice of material is the memory foam headrest padding, which is extra comfortable for the children.

The materials of Axkid ONE are of course important, but the unique functions of the Axkid ONE are something extraordinary compared to other car seats on the market. Axkid ONE offers several unique features that provide a superb ease of use for parents, but once again, the safety and comfort for the children are the absolute priority. Three unique features of Axkid ONE are:

  • Stepless reclining positions
  • Sliding leg room functions
  • 12 different headrest positions

Such simple functions as the Stepless reclining positions and sliding seat function result in the best legroom in the market. The sliding function on the rails makes it easy to install your child, and for the older children it is easy to climb in and out by themselves. This unique design and self tightening anti-rotation bar means children gain a lot of extra legroom compared to other car seats on the market while never losing focus on safety. Another function that makes Axkid ONE a very flexible car seat is the headrest, which has 12 different positions and an eye-level indicator for a correct installation of your child. All these functions together make Axkid ONE a highly flexible car seat that can be adjusted for fitting every size of child. At Axkid, we believe it’s important that the car seats fit every child well, so that all children experience the best comfort and safety in their car seat.

With the Axkid One you will notice that high comfort is not just for the child but for the parent as well. The installation is very easy with 6 self-explanatory installation steps and ISOFIX connectors. Combined with the lightweight construction, we guarantee that you can install the seat in less than 30 seconds. The sliding function makes it easy to get your child in and out of your Axkid ONE.  Easy handling is important for maximum safety.

In summary, Axkid ONE has many features that cannot be found in any other car seat on the market. Noting that a car seat is developed for children, which you might have noticed are not just smaller versions of adults.  Comfort for children might not mean the same as comfort for adults, but with Axkid ONE we have taken both aspects into account. Comfort has been taken to another level, for both the child traveling in it as well as for the parents installing it. What makes us, at Axkid, the proudest is that all these unique design features and materials combined together result in the market’s safest rear-facing car seat.