The power of Axkid ONE 2

Finding a car seat that fits all children can be difficult, Axkid have something for all families so that all children can ride rear-facing for as long as possible. The innovative car seat Axkid ONE 2 is comfortable for both children and parents, and with the car seat, our children can travel safe for as long as possible. The approved dimensions for Axkid ONE 2 are up to 125cm and 23kg and the car seat can be used all the way up to 7 years of age.

If you want to use ONE 2 for your new-born infant, make sure you purchase Axkid ONE+ 2, as it comes with an extra inlay for new-born babies. The extra inlay for infants is only included in the Axkid ONE+ car seat and cannot be purchased as a complement to Axkid ONE 2.

Adaptable car seat – for every child

Some children may be taller or shorter than children of the same age, some children may even have longer legs or upper body. Therefore, it is important that the car seat is adaptable for all children’s anatomy. Axkid ONE 2 is the car seat that has a customizable design, which allows your child to grow in the car seat. For example, the advanced Sleep Well System, with its step-less recline positions. It makes it easy to adjust and safe when it comes to your child’s comfort. From a safety point of view as your child grows, they should sit as upright as possible. Another adaptable function is the headrest on Axkid ONE 2 which can adjust in 12 different positions. Thanks to this you can adapt the headrest throughout the child’s length and comfort.

A happy smiling boy sitting in a rear facing car seat.

Best legroom

One of the most unique functions of Axkid ONE 2 is the Sliding seat technology. This technology gives your child the best legroom, as the seat is mounted on rails that can be pushed back and forth up to 30 cm. It means the car seat can be adapted to one of the most compact rear-facing car seats in the market and allows it to be adapted to a child while being able to easily sit someone in the front seat. This is something that really provides comfort for all children, but also a high level of comfort for you as a parent as it becomes easier to strap the child when you can push the car seat back and forth.

A safe car seat with high comfort for parents

Axkid ONE 2 has so many unique functions, it’s easy to forget about the Easy installation system, which is an on-seat installation guide. Whenever you have the car seat with you, you can always see the installation steps in front of you, without having to bring your phone or instruction manual.

Axkid ONE 2 has a solution for all children regardless of size. The fact that it is a car seat that is flexible, safe and simple is something that provides a high level of comfort even for parents. Axkid ONE 2 has a long-life cycle – ONE car seat through childhood.

Small child sitting in a rear facing car seat while a man is strapping the child in.