Accessories for the hot summer days


Are you planning for a road trip this summer? Or just many car rides to the beach? Either way, small children and babies are extra sensitive to heatstroke, thus it’s much important to keep them cool. Axkid has a lot of relevant summer accessories for the car rides this summer.

Before installing the child

We do not want to start the car ride with an uncomfortable and hot child. So, do not forget to turn on the air-conditioning before buckling up your child. It can also be a good idea to try to park in the shade, as an unattended car in the sun can get extremely warm.

Let bamboo absorb the heat

In order to keep your child cool, a protective Bamboo summer cover can be really useful. The cool bamboo fabric reduces heat absorption from the sun and can easily be pulled over your existing car seat to create a soft and more comfortable feeling during the hottest summer days for your child. At the same time, it protects the car seat against dirt and stains.

The bamboo summer cover comes in several models, fitting Axkid ONE 2, Axkid Minikid 3, Axkid Minikid 2, and Axkid Move.

Psst. Did you know that you can dye your Bamboo summer cover into a color of your choice?

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Stay cool with cooling pads

Overheating as well as wet backs and clammy hair is something we want to avoid in the car. Axkid Cooling pads are designed to ensure that your child does not overheat in the car seat. It has a unique 3D honeycomb structure inside, which creates a cushion of air between the child and the seat. This regulates the air circulation around your child’s back, legs and head.

Avoid sun rays

A natural accessory during summer is a window sunshade, as it shades your child when the sun is shining. Window sunshades will make the journey both easier for you and more comfortable for the child since your child won’t complain about the strong sunlight. It also slows down the heating effect – it’s definitely a must have summer accessory!

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Keep the car clean

Summer or not, a clean car is always good for the soul 😉. To avoid melted ice creams and sand on the car’s upholstery, a seat protection is a tip that never gets old. Axkid’s Seat protection premium has storage compartments and an iPad holder. At least it provides the conditions for a tidy car; to actually keep it nice and clean is a tomorrow’s problem. The iPad holder can be useful as entertainment for all the trips planned this summer!

Hyperthermia and overheating in cars are more common than one might think and every year incidents occur where children become overheated in the cars during hot summer days. But with the right accessories and preparations, you don’t have to let the hot weather scare you from getting the family in the car.