Axkid ONE – Test Winner

Axkid ONE – a unique and innovative car seat that is being praised
by the biggest European test institutes.

As well as the fact that Axkid ONE passed one of the world’s toughest car tests, The Swedish Plus Test, the car seat has received numerous awards as well as being praised by European consumer organisations.

ADAC Test winner

Every year Stiftung Warentest organises the most comprehensive car-seat test in Europe together with ADAC, the most prestigious crash institute in the world, and the ICRT which is the “International Consumer Research Organization”. The ADAC test is an independent test which means the manufactures cannot influence the result in any way. The results from all these tests including safety, handling and ergonomics are later analysed by consumer organisations all over Europe.

The results given in the latest ADAC test showed that Axkid ONE keeps pushing limits for innovation and safety. Even though the Axkid ONE was tested with longer, heavier and larger crash test dummies than any other rear-facing ISOFIX car seat, the safety results of 1.6 was impressive. Axkid ONE is now proclaimed as the best extended rear-facing car seat ever tested in ADAC.

The UK Consumer champion Which also mentions Axkid ONE’s biggest advantage as high crash safety as well as the low risk of incorrect installation due to the very simple installation instructions. A correct installation is essential to make sure your child is as safe as possible.

Axkid ONE – The safest car seat we ever built

Axkid One is the only rear-facing ISOFIX car seat in the world that is approved all the way up to approx. 7 years of age (125cm/23kg).

Children traveling rear-facing benefit from up to 5 times extra protection when compared to children traveling forward-facing. Children are not built the same as a full-grown adult. The weight of their head constitutes up to 25% of their total body weight meaning that upon impact the neck and head are very vulnerable to trauma. A rear-facing car seat distributes the crash forces more evenly and is much better at protecting children’s delicate neck and relatively large heads. Thus, the longer your child can sit rear-facing in the car, the longer your child will benefit from superior protection.

Why Axkid ONE?

The unique design of Axkid ONE makes it both comfortable and safe for your child to stay rear-faced for longer:

  • The best legroom on the market: With the car seat being mounted on rails you can easily adapt the legroom even after installation. Being able to offer the best legroom on the market or being the most compact car seat.
  • 30 sec installation guarantee – Axkid One comes with a cohesive on-seat-installation-guide, based on step-by-step signs and 6 different safety indicators, distinctive either by colour or by our sounding system to ensure a correct, easy, and smooth installation.
  • Innovative lightweight design – Inspired by aircraft engineering, Axkid One’s protective aluminium frame maintains the structure of the car seat while the high strength steel bars withstand and direct the forces of the impact away from the child’s body in the event of an accident

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At Axkid, safety always comes first, and we demonstrate it once again with the unique design of Axkid ONE makes rear-facing comfortable, easy and safe.

For all children’s safety.