Five questions to Axkid’s CEO Daniel Johansson

Who are the people behind the car seat company Axkid?

Axkid was founded in 2009 by Tony Qvist and Tony Broberg.  People who work at Axkid have long experience of child safety and child safety seats in various companies. What we all have in common is that we are driven to make car travel safer for all children.


What is the background of the Axkid brand?

The idea came when our founders Tony and Tony started talking about the car seats that were on the market at that time. Their common view was that there were very many parts on the current car seat designs that seemed unnecessarily complicated and inefficient. They soon realized that it was possible to make large and significant improvements, with simple means.


Which “gaps” in the market was filled when Axkid introduced its products?

The car seats are designed in such a way that it basically “looks after itself”, this helps the parents to reduce their anxiety and concern about making mistakes. The car seats adapt to the child and not vice versa. We want to make life easier for parents and safer for all children. No matter which manufacturer you choose as a parent, we are always on the children’s side and want to protect as many children as possible. A life with young children does not need to be limited. With the right conditions, life can be an adventure, and you can actually bring the kids to most things – both travel and recreational interests. At Axkid we see ourselves as flexible and fast-moving in our mission and want the products to be tailored for families and everyday life, not vice versa.


How do you think the future will look like regarding forward-facing/rear-facing car seats?

I hope that more and more countries are following Sweden’s example and begin to see that rearward facing is the best and safest way for children to travel in the car. It would save an awful lot of suffering for families when disaster strikes.


What are the most important thing parents should keep in mind before they choose their car seat?

There are various things to consider, but the most important thing is to keep track of security and knowing what you are buying. Even if the seat is approved according to the common EU rules, it is not always the safest choice. In Sweden, we work with something called Plus test, which gives a more reliable test result. I think you should go for car seats that have the whole package when it comes to safety.