“She could have lived today”

Leonid experienced the worst thing a father can experience, when he lost his 3.5years old little daughter, by that time in forward-facing booster seat, in a car accident approximately two years ago. The horrific accident will always be a tragedy for the family and the loss of the family’s little girl can never be changed.

The tragedy is huge for the whole family, yet Leonid has chosen to share his story to be able to help other families and to encourage everyone to choose rear-facing for as long as possible since it can be the difference between life and death.

This is the story of Leonid and his angel-daughter Vlada.

The accident

The whole family; mum, dad, and grandma where on their way from Kyiv to Lviv, a long trip around 580km but it was not until the last 30km the accident occurred. It all happened very fast when a crazy driver crossed the line between road direction lanes to overtake a truck due to a turn through a solid marking line…

It was a terrible car accident with frontal collision between the two cars, according to the police report the speed of the family car was about 35km/h and the other car had a speed of 55km/h.

Leonid and his wife were seriously injured in the accident, and they had to stay at the hospital for 2 months with serious injuries and Leonid himself had to learn how to walk again. Unfortunately, the grandmas’ injuries and conditions after the accident were very critical and she passed away at the hospital. And the little girl Vlada…

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“She could have lived today”

By the time of the accident Vlada was 3.5years old, 105cm tall and weighted 16kg. She was seated in a forward-facing booster seat that the family had been recommended by the local seller in Ukraine. A recommendation that could have been the difference between life and death for the little girl.

In the event of the tragical crash Vlada broke her neck and she passed away immediately.
No other serious injuries were reported – only the fracture of the cervical vertebrae. Her father believes that had she been seated in a rear-facing car seat her sensitive neck and spine would have been protected and supported, and the outcome of the accident could have been different. She could have lived.

“It is too late for me and my girl – but it is not for you”

The above quote is the words of Vlada’s father. The reason for sharing this story is to spread the message about rear-facing car seats. How the direction of your child can change the outcome in the event of an accident. For Leonid and his family, it is too late – but it is not for you.

So please, for the sake of your child’s safety – always choose rear-facing for as long as possible. Spread the rear-facing message to as many people you can – for all children’s safety.

We are so sorry for your loss Leonid. All our thoughts are with you and your family. Thank you for your strength in sharing this story with the world and to help other families all over the world.