The ECE R44 certificate – the original certification test for seats sold in the EU

The R44/04 stems from 1980’s and was the first regulatory certificate in order to make sure car seats sold in the European Union were safe. Car-seat safety has come a long way since then. The R 44/04 states that all children up to only 9 kg must travel rear-facing, in practice that means that you can turn a child forward facing already after the infant carrier.


The regulation does not differentiate between ISOFIX or belt-attached seats and the classification is based on weight instead of height as in i-Size. Another difference is that R 44/04 seats are not tested with side-impact collisions. From 2019 no newly designed seats will be certified to R 44/04 but instead R 129 will be the only valid certificate.


The R 44 certificate comes in two versions the 03 or the 04 depending on the weight of the child. Seats carrying children with a weight 0-13 kg uses the ECE R44-03 sticker and seats carrying children the weighs 9-18 kg uses ECE R44-04 sticker.


Pros & Cons with R44

+ first EU regulatory test

+ does not differentiate between belt-attached seats or ISOFIX seats

No testing from side impact

Allows forward-facing from 9 months