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We at Axkid offer a complete selection of safe car seats for children of all ages. A rear-facing car seat is the safest way for your child to travel and we believe that they should do so for as long as possible. Knowing where in the car you should install your car seat can be difficult and we will help you to ensure that the car seat you chose fits in your car and where you can install it. Here you may find our instructional videos on how to easily install the car seat yourself.

Children’s safety in the traffic is our top priority and all of Axkid’s rear-facing car seats are Plus-tested. This ensures you that your child will not be exposed to high neck forces in a frontal collision. From the first baby car seat to the rear-facing car seat and the final booster seat, we are there with you along the journey with safety and comfort for your child. We recommend that your child rides backwards up to 125cm/23kg. For more information about safe travelling, visit our blog.

Always follow the instructions that belongs to your car when installing a car seat. The vehicle list is a guide only.

Our entire range fits in all of the common car models and in the listing below where you can easily click onto your car brand.