What rear-facing car seat fits best to your child?

At Axkid, we offer a complete range of secure rear-facing car seats and accessories for children of all ages. Our car seats enable your child to always sit safely and comfortably – from their first baby car seat through a rear-facing car seat to booster seat and booster cushion.


ISOFIX is the international standard for attachment points for child safety seats in passenger cars. Under the current UN/ECE R14 Regulation, all new vehicles produced since February 2013 are required to have ISOFIX lower anchorages.

Car size

A compact car is having between 100-109 cubic feet of combined passenger and cargo volume.

A mid-size car must have between 110 and 119 combined cubic feet of volume and have a max length of 196.8.

A full-size car is any car with more than 120 cubic feet of combined volume.

In the UK, children under 15 months must travel rear-facing. Until the age of 12 or 135 cm, children must use an appropriate car seat. The recommendations from the UK Government implies that children up to 13 kg should travel rear-facing. During childhood, the child will need several car seats to ride safely and comfortably. We have a wide range of safe and comfortable car seats for children of all ages. In our car seats, you can be sure that your child will always sit safely and comfortably, all the way from the first baby car seat to the rear-facing car seat and the closing booster seat. At Axkid we recommend rear-facing travel for as long as possible, for your child's safety.

Are you unsure which car seat to choose? Our car seat guide will help you.