Axkid Move

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Plus Test approved up to 25 kg

Rear-facing car seat

9-25 kg

Seat Belt Attachment

One of the most affordable and safest extended rear-facing car seats on the market  

Passed the world’s toughest crash test – The Plus test up to 25 kg

Equipped with ASIP – Axkid Side Impact Protection for maximum safety

Spacious seat yet a compact design that can be used up to 25 kg and 125 cm

Axkid Move – A spacious and affordable seat with a built-in Swedish safety DNA
If you are looking for a seat that provides maximum safety at an affordable price Axkid Move is the seat for you. Axkid Move is developed from the popular Minikid 2 seat and has the same rigid requirements for safety, handling and comfort. Move is Plus-tested up to 25 kg and has been awarded by Folksam 2019 as a “Good Choice”.

Protects your child from all angles
In the event of a collision, it is 5 times safer for children to sit backwards than to sit forward when the crash forces are distributed more evenly and the neck is better protected in a rear-facing chair. Unlike many competitors in the same price range, Axkid Move is developed from the beginning to be used only backwards. This means that Move is a very safe chair and at the same time spacious and comfortable for your child all the way up to 6 years (125cm and 25 kg).

In the event of a collision, children facing rear-ward are 5 times more protected than children traveling in a traditional forward-facing seat. This is because the crash-forces are more evenly distributed in a rear-ward facing car seat and thereby protecting the child’s delicate neck more effectively. In contrast to many competitors, Axkid Move was developed from the start only to face rearward, thus creating a safe, spacious and comfortable seat all the way up to 25 kg or 125 cm approx.

Many seats in the same price-category as Axkid Move are missing modern side impact protection systems despite that 25% of all serious accidents are from the side or frontal with a side angle. Axkid Move features the innovative Axkid Side Impact Protection (ASIP) that is developed in collaboration with the world’s most recognized crash test-institute – ADAC in Germany. Upon collision the ASIP creates a protective deformation zone and distributes the crash forces more evenly, thereby reducing the risk of serious injuries.

To make sure your child is sitting safely and comfortably in the seat Axkid Move features a 5- point safety-harness (shoulders, hips, buckle) that distributes the crash-forces in the event of a collision and thereby reduces the strain on a single limb.

An affordable test-winner
Axkid Move has been awarded “Good Choice” by Folksam (Sweden’s leading insurance company) and passed the Plus-test up to 25 kg. This means Axkid Move is one of the safest seats available in the market. The Plus-test is an optional Swedish crash-test that is considered the world’s toughest crash-test, where the seat is exposed to a higher speed, shorter braking distances and measures the neck-strains on the test-dummy more thoroughly than in other tests. So far, no forward-facing seat has passed the Plus-test.

A spacious and comfortable seat
Axkid Move is a spacious and comfortable seat that children can travel all the way up to 125 cm. The seat has a compact design and can be installed in both small and large cars. There are 2 reclining positions of the seat to allow a comfortable and secure position to be achieved. If more recline is needed, our angle adjusting wedge is a good addition.

An easier every-day on the Move
Axkid Move weighs less than 10 kg and is therefore easy to move between cars and comes with a set of tethers. If you are planning to move the Axkid Move between cars regularly you may wish to purchase a second (spare) set of Axkid Move tethers to pre-mount in the other car which will make the transfer much easier and quicker.  The seat cover is made of non-toxic materials, easy to remove and is machine washable in 30 degrees which makes your everyday as a parent a lot easier.

Facts Axkid Move:

Type: Rear-facing car seat (extended)
Installation: Belt attachment
Approved weight of child: up to 25 kg
Approved length of child: up to 125 cm
Certification: ECE R44/04
Plus tested: Yes, up to 25 kg

The rear-facing car seat Axkid Move is for those looking for an affordable and safe solution.
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Plus Test approved up to 25 kg

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Product specifications

  1. 3 fixed positions on the headrest

  2. Installation with Seat Belt Attachment

  3. Axkid Side Impact Protection (ASIP)

  4. Seat cover in machine washable at 30°

  5. 2 reclining positions

  6. 5-point safety harness

  • 3 fixed positions on the headrest
  • Installation with Seat Belt
  • 2 reclining positions
  • Axkid Side Impact Protection (ASIP)
  • Seat cover in machine washable at 30°
  • Compatible with big and small vehicles
  • Approved according to ECE R44/04

Technical specifications

44 cm
61 cm
56 cm
9.8 kg


Plus Test approved up to 25 kg

Plus Test approved up to 25 kg

Bra Val Folksam 2019

“Good Choice” by Folksam

Safety system by Holmbergs

Safety system by Holmbergs