Infant car seats and strollers – let us help you with the struggle

Are you on the hunt of an infant car seat, stroller, or stroller adapter; this is an article for you!

Infant car seats & strollers

When your little one is new-born it is very handy to be able to move your child from the car to the stroller without you waking them up. As you say, you should not poke the bear – right? 😉

To be able to mount an infant car seat on a stroller you might need an adapter, to easily just click the infant car seat onto your stroller. We recommend you always check that your infant car seat is compatible with your stroller and what adapters that are needed.

Below we have summarised the basis for fitting Axkid Infant car seats onto your stroller and also the installation options in the car, since both of these factors are important when choosing your infant car seat for your little one.

Axkid Modukid Infant & strollers

In the vehicle the Axkid Modukid Infant can be installed with both the Axkid Modukid ISOFIX Base and if you prefer, the installation can also be done with the vehicle’s three-point belt. This gives you as a parent the flexibility of where to install your infant car seat and also easy to move between cars.

Regarding fitting the Axkid Modukid infant onto a stroller note that the Axkid Modukid Infant features a built-in standard attachment, meaning that it easily fits all standard stroller adapters.

But the question remains: Which strollers are compatible with the Axkid Modukid Infant?
The answer is quite easy, since it fits on ALL strollers that have the standard attachments.

The only thing you need is the standard adapter from the stroller brand and then it just says “click” and you are good to go!

  • Make sure your stroller has standard attachments. Almost all* strollers have it.
  • Find the appropriate adapter at your stroller manufacturer, it is called either standard stroller adapter or a Maxi-Cosi adapter.
  • It is not harder than, just click on the infant car seat on the stroller – and you are all set!


*By our knowledge there is mainly two strollers not featuring the standard attachments making it not compatible with the Axkid Modukid Infant, this is the Bugaboo Donkey and the Cybex Priam.

Axkid Babyfix and strollers

The Axkid Babyfix is another Axkid Infant car seat that both can be installed by the vehicle’s three-point belt or together with the Axkid Babyfix base . What is unique with the Axkid Babyfix Base is that it can both be installed with ISOFIX and with the vehicle’s three-point belt. This gives you lots of flexibility and options for you and your family.

Together with the Babyfix adapter, Axkid Babyfix can be attached on all strollers. But you will also need an adapter from the stroller manufacturer. This means that Babyfix requires two adapters to fit on all strollers – one is Babyfix adapter (by Axkid), and the other depends on your stroller (by your stroller brand).

Summarised fitting the Axkid Babyfix to you stroller:

  • Get the Axkid Babyfix adapter – from Axkid
  • Find the appropriate adapter – from your stroller brand
  • Together with the two adapters – your Babyfix Infant car seat will be compatible to all strollers.