Introducing the future of Family travel

One Base, Two Seats, Zero Hassle

Simplifying family travel has always been our mission, and our new Enviro packages takes this to a whole new level. The Envirobase, crafted from eco-friendly BioLite material, acts as a single foundation for both the Envirobaby and Envirokid car seats. That’s right, one base and two seats, making transitions from newborn to toddler smooth and hassle-free. Get to know our new products and get an in-depth look at the BioLite, the eco-friendly material that’s a core component.

Picture of a car with the passenger door open with a baby car seat. In the rear is a child in a rear facing car seat.

We got you covered from newborn up to 4years

We understand that family needs change as children grow. That’s why we’ve created a system that evolves with you and your child. With our new Enviro packages, you’re set from day one until your child reaches up to four years of age. The Envirobaby baby car seat is optimized for your newborn’s safety and comfort, while the Envirokid seat takes over as your child grows, offering advanced features like a Plus Test-certified design and dynamic headrest technology. The best part? Both seats effortlessly click into the same Envirobase, eliminating the need for multiple bases and making the transition between life stages smoother than ever.

A side to side picture. Left picture is of a baby in a baby seat, the right picture is of a car with a child sitting rear facing in a car seat.

Sustainability at the heart of Innovation

We’re not just introducing convenience; we’re pioneering a new era of eco-conscious family travel. At the core of this innovation are the Envirobaby and Envirobase, crafted from Trifilon’s groundbreaking BioLite material. Engineered for the perfect balance between impact performance and ecological sustainability, BioLite is a leap forward in responsible manufacturing.

Rather than relying on conventional plastics derived from petroleum—a process that entails environmentally harmful extraction—BioLite reduces reliance on fossil fuels by incorporating natural fibers from grown hemp. As a rotational crop, this industrial hemp helps rejuvenate soils with little need for herbicides or pesticides. And importantly for us, it makes BioLite more durable.

Our use of BioLite in the Envirobaby seat translates to a 30% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to traditional plastics. Specifically, each Envirobaby seat generates only 1.58kg CO2 eq./kg, a significant drop from the conventional 2.29kg CO2 eq./kg.

In the fore front a car seat attached to a stroller. Background is by a lake.

Strength and Lightness with BioLite

Beyond its sustainability advantages, BioLite’s natural low density offers a lightweight yet sturdy alternative to traditional talc-reinforced plastics. This innovation ensures that neither safety nor functionality is compromised, aligning with our commitment to deliver the best for families and the environment alike.

By opting for our Envirobaby and Envirobase products, you’re not just making a safe, convenient choice for your family’s travel needs—you’re also making a responsible choice for the planet.

Woman sitting in the back seat of a car, a child in a rear facing car seat is stroking the womans face.