Package: Axkid Modukid Infant + Seat + Base


Plus Test approved up to 18 kg
0-7 years, New born Rear-facing Car Seat ISOFIX with Base, Seat Belt Attachment

We know that as a parent it is a challenge to combine the hectic everyday schedule and at the same time offer the child maximum security. When we developed the Modukid modular system, we had this in mind and can offer one of the safest chairs on the market, which is easy to install and comfortable to travel in.

The Axkid Modukid Infant baby cover is specially developed for newborn children, approved up to 13 kg or 40 – 75 cm. Axkid Modukid Seat is a rear-facing car seat that is approved for children between 61-105 cm, up to 18 kg and up to about 4 years of age. Modukid Infant and Modukid Seat are easily mounted on the Axkid Modukid Base, which is equipped with ISOFIX arms.

From your child’s very first car ride

  • The baby cover fits 90% of all pushchairs.
  • The car seat is a spacious and comfortable seat with adjustable legroom that allows your child to ride comfortably as it grows
  • The base has a total of 6 adjustable positions (unique for chairs with a modular system) which ensures comfort as your child grows as you can easily choose between compact installation for the smaller child and extra legroom for the bigger ones.

Axkid Modukid Infant  is specially developed for newborn babies, approved up to 13 kg or 40 – 75 cm. The base Modukid Base is installed securely with ISOFIX, and fits in both small and large cars.

The Axkid Modukid Seat is equipped with the Axkid Side Impact Protection. The side impact protection must always be attached to the side of the car seat that is closest to the car door. If you install the car seat in the middle, you do not need to use ASIP.

Car seats approved according to i-Size are currently limited when it comes to height and weight due to the regulations. One of the advantages of the Axkid Modukid Seat is the possibility for your child to ride rear-facing longer compared to many other i-Size car seats. This is thanks to the long back of the car seat as well as the function with the base’s many adjustable positions that allow your child to ride comfortably up to the limit.

Axkid Modukid Infant and Modukid Seat together with Axkid Modukid Base are easy to install with a single click and have several beneficial functions that make everyday life easier.

Read more about installing Axkid Modukid Infant on various prams here »

In this package with the Modukid Infant baby seat, the Modukid Seat car seat and the Modukid Base ISOFIX base, your child travels safely and securely from 0-4 years.
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Plus Test approved up to 18 kg

Key features

  1. Neck protection adjusts automatically

    Axkid Modukid Seat is the world's only i-Size car seat where the neck protection and harness are automatically adjusted to the child's height and size. Minimizes the risk of your child sitting in the wrong seat.

  2. Sleep-Well-System adjustable while driving

    A comfortable resting position is important for your child's back and neck, which is why we have developed a Sleep-Well-System that makes it possible to recline the car seat in three different positions. This can be done both before or during the car journey.

  3. Side impact protection - ASIP

    25% of all crashes happen to the side of the car. ASIP is built in absorbent material that absorbs the impact forces and reduces the impact on your child.

  4. Easy installation with ISOFIX base

    Axkid Modukid sits on an ISOFIX base, which makes installation quick and minimizes incorrect installations. (surveys show that 50% of all rear-facing car seats are incorrectly installed). The base can also be used with the Axkind Modukid Infant baby cover.

  5. Removable pillow for smaller children

    The chair is always delivered with an extra pillow adapted for smaller children.

  6. Extra legroom

    Thanks to the ISOFIX base's extendable arms in 6 steps, you can increase the legroom as the child grows.

  7. Easy to remove the cover

    Everyone knows that little kids mess up. That's why we've made the cover extra easy to take off and put on for the Axkid Modukid Seat. Wash in a regular washing machine at 30 degrees.

  • Part of Axkid's car seat system for children between 0-4 years
  • Sleep-Well-System adjustable while driving
  • Headrest and internal harness that automatically adapts to the child's height and size.
  • Comes with an extra removable head pillow adapted for smaller children
  • Axkid Side Impact Protection (ASIP)
  • Machine washable cover at 30°
  • A simple and quick 2-step installation together with the Axkid Modukid Base.
  • ISOFIX arms with 6 adjustment positions with Axkid Modukid Base
  • Indicators that ensure correct installation with Axkid Modukid Base
  • Compact installation or extra legroom with the Axkid Modukid Base
  • Anchoring strap and ASIP included.

Technical specifications

7,5 kg
43 cm
62 cm
52 cm
Weight - base
7 kg

Price history

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Plus Test approved up to 18 kg

Plus Test approved up to 18 kg

UN R129/i-Size

UN R129/i-Size approved

Bra Val Folksam 2019

“Good Choice” by Folksam

Safety belt system by Holmbergs

Safety belt system by Holmbergs

Axkid Modukid Seat

Compact installation or maximum legroom enables rear-facing for longer and a Sleep- Well-System that allows you to recline your car seat in 3 different reclining positions whilst your child is seated, even during driving.