Axkid ONE – Plus Tested

Axkid ONE is now Plus-Tested and joins the rest of Axkid’s rear-facing Plus-Tested selection of car seats. With a range where all rear-facing car seats are now Plus Tested, a high level of safety is guaranteed by your child not being exposed to life-threatening high neck forces in the event of a frontal collision. But how can this be guaranteed? And what exactly is a Plus-Test?

What is a plus test?

In order for a car seat to be sold, it must undergo several mandatory safety tests in accordance with current regulations (UNECE R44 & R129). The Plus Test, on the other hand, is a voluntary test that places even higher demands on the safety of the car seat. The Plus Test consists of a much tougher collision at the same time as it also places demands on the forces that the child’s neck is exposed to in a frontal collision. This means that a seat that has passed both the mandatory tests and the plus test gives your child extra security. [1]

The extra safety is mainly based on the extreme stresses to which the car seat is exposed to during a plus-test. In comparison with the mandatory tests, a Plus Test means:

  • Higher crash speed – In the Plus Test, a higher speed is used, which causes higher crash violence, which in turn means greater load on the car seat and the crash-doll.
  • Shorter braking – In the Plus Test, the braking distance is also shorter, which also causes greater collision violence. In combination with the higher speed, the resulting load on the chair and crash doll will be considerably higher than in the mandatory tests.
  • Neck sensors – The Plus Test sets requirements of the load on the crash doll’s neck and it is carefully measured during the crash, so that the neck forces are not too high. A vital parameter that is currently not included in the mandatory tests.

The Plus Test is simply developed to make the choice of car seat easier by clearly showing which seats are extra safe for your child.

Axkid ONE is Axkid’s latest car seat to be approved in the Plus Test, and also the first car seat with ISOFIX in the world with the marking 125cm. Seats included in the new i-Size regulation are Plus Tested in length instead of weight. This means that the car seat is Plus Tested and approved up to 125cm, which provides great opportunities to extend the rear-facing period and your child’s safety.

All of Axkid’s rear – facing car seats are Plus Tested, which we are very proud of. Child safety is our highest priority and thanks to the Plus Test, we can guarantee a high level of crash safety.



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