What are the new features of Axkid Minikid 2018?

The new Axkid Minikid 2018, has been designed to provide the best possible safety and comfort for both small and large children, enabling your child to travel rear-facing for as long as possible. To get more understanding what the difference is between the older version and the new Axkid Minikid we have listed all the features and updates below.

The new Axkid Minikid 2018 is manufactured with the same seat shell as its previous version, sharing both the same rear height of 92cm. The new Axkid Minikid gives a height of 125cm, exactly like its predecessor, the 2018 Axkid Minikid features an extra foam cushion underneath the cover to make it more comfortable for younger children but this can be removed as the child grows. Measurements and weight on the new Axkid Minikid are following, width: 44 cm, height: 62 cm, depth: 56 cm and weight: 11.4 kg. Except for the weight that was previously 11.2 kg, the seat has not changed. Both old and new Axkid Minikid can be installed in many different cars and the new version still has five reclining positions to enable your child to sit as comfortably as possible.

Axkid Side Impact Protection – ASIP

The new Axkid Minikid car seat comes with the innovative side impact protection – ASIP (Axkid Side Impact Protection), developed together with a recognized crash institute in Germany, providing the best possible protection for the child in the event of a side collision. ASIP shall be used on the side of the car seat that is facing the car’s door. ASIP provides extra protection for the head in a side collision and reduces the risk of neck and head injury when the head is thrown to the sides.

Support leg

The support leg has been developed and improved, and can now be extended with just one button, which is easier to access from the side. The heel of the back of the car seat is now 5 cm instead of 8 cm and allows us to have one additional position for an optimal recline of approximately 10 degrees for better comfort.


A great new feature of the headrest is its ergonomic shape. It is now 4 cm thicker for optimal comfort for when a child is asleep and it offers optimal protection in the event of a side impact embracing completely the child’s neck. From the seat to the headrest there is 35 cm in both the new Axkid Minikid and its previous version. The unique headrest and integrated harness, that automatically adjusts to the child´s height and size when tightened remain, but with a more visible brake lever. It still has the seven fixed headrest positions if you prefer to lock the headrest.

Previous version Axkid Minikid: Charlie, 7 years, 126 cm and 23 kg. Picture: @rear.facing.toddlers
Previous version Axkid Minikid: Charlie, 7 years, 126 cm and 23 kg. Picture: @rear.facing.toddlers

New Axkid Minikid 2018: Charlie, 7 years, 126 cm and 23 kg. Picture: @rear.facing.toddlers
New Axkid Minikid 2018: Charlie, 7 years, 126 cm and 23 kg. Picture: @rear.facing.toddlers



The newest version is approved from 0-25 kg instead of 9-25 kg and the new Axkid Minikid comes complete with a padded insert for younger children. However, it does not replace the infant car seat. We always recommend the use of an infant car seat because it is best suited for a young baby. The new Axkid Minikid is suitable from when the child can sit up unaided.


As same as the older version the new Axkid Minikid is Plus tested up to 25 kg, tested and approved according to REACH, Rollover and ECE R44/04. Axkid Minikid has also received the “Good Choice 2015” award by the Swedish insurance company Folksam and “Best Cost Value” by Best-in-Test.se.

Covers and other

We have focused on improving the user-friendliness through an improved cover that is easy to remove. Also, belt clips and the overall design has been reworked to improve the Axkid Minikid experience. The covers can still be machine washed at 30 degrees. The fabrics are breathable and flame retardant and come in six attractive colors. Follow the link to read more about our products.