Rear-facing myths

Even though it is up to five times safer for children to travel rear-facing there will always be some who have reservations, believe myths, and make inaccurate assumptions. Here, we will go through some of the most common ones.

“It is not comfortable for my child and there is nowhere for them to put their legs”

Today there are car seats with lots of leg space and that are adapted for growing children. The Axkid One for instance offers over 20cm of leg room adjustment. Additionally, crossed legs is a very natural position for a child.

“My child will get car sick “

Nausea in the car is not usually due to the car seat but is a conflict of interpretation that takes place in the brain regardless of the direction of travel. If your child easily becomes car sick, remember to keep a good temperature in the car, ensure that the child can see out of the windows and avoid large meals right before travel.

Crossed legs in an Axkid Minikid 2 - Article 8 – Rear-facing myths

“My child will not see out when they travel rear-facing”

A rear-facing car seat lifts your child up, which makes it easier for them to see out through the side window. Additionally, by removing the head rest from the seat they also have the possibility to clearly look through the back window instead of staring into the front seat.

“It’s only for a short distance and I drive carefully”

When an accident occurs, the distance is long forgotten. Many crashes occur close to home, so no matter the distance, never compromise on your child’s safety. This applies to everyone out there, even the best of car drivers. You cannot control other drivers in the traffic nor external disturbances, so always install both the car seat and child correctly. This is one reason why it is important to choose a car seat that is easy to handle and to install – it should be easy to do right. For the safety of your children.